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  • AID Bank Annual Report 2020-2021

    The year 2021 presented opportunities for the AID Bank to readjust and continue the rebuilding process of economic recovery, modernization and transformation, amid the continued challenges and restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • AID Bank Annual Report 2019-2020

    Ladies and gentlemen, in 2020 the world was challenged with economic uncertainty which was occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic. We experienced an unprecedented global shut down, millions of lives lost and having to adjust our way of life. The IMF in the World Economic Outlook in June 2020, referred to the impact of the pandemic as, “a crisis like no other”, with an uncertain recovery and negative global growth projected for 2020. The ECCB reported that the regional economy contracted in 2020 and also projected a subdued and uncertain outlook in the ECCU.

  • AID Bank Annual Report 2018-2019

    Our economy continued on a growth path following the devastation caused by Tropical Storm Erika in August 2015 and Hurricane Maria in September 2017. By the first half of 2019, economic activity expanded compared to the same period the previous year particularly in the construction, tourism, agriculture and manufacturing sectors to which the Bank’s performance was a direct correlation to this trend.

  • AID Bank Annual Report 2017-2018

    It is with sincere gratification that I present to you the Annual Report of the Dominica Agricultural Industrial and Development Bank (AID Bank) for the financial year ended June 30, 2018. AID Bank recognises its pivotal role towards the growth and development of the economy and stands resolute in playing its part towards this endeavour.

  • AID Bank Annual Report 2016-2017
    It is my pleasure to present to you today the Annual Report of the Dominica Agricultural Industrial and Development Bank for the financial year ended June 30, 2017. As the only development bank in Dominica, the role of the Bank becomes increasingly more germane.
  • AID Bank Annual Report 2015-2016

    AID Bank plays a developmental role which is not comparable to that of commercial banks. It is expected that we serve as a vehicle to promote the economic prosperity of the citizenry and therefore, our lending decisions are not solely based on profitability but also embraces the social and economic developmental potential of projects.

  • AID Bank Annual Report 2014-2015

    For the year in review, the global economic environment was characterized by modest growth in advanced economies and a slowdown in emerging economies. The year 2015 brought with it, its own challenges and opportunities. Despite the challenging external environment the bank’s performance was satisfactory.

  • AID Bank Annual Report 2013-2014
    The Dominican economy faces a more complex and challenging global environment than before the global financial crisis, when external conditions were generally more favorable for economic growth. The Bank is affected by a sustained period of low growth, high credit risk resulting in increased levels of delinquency and modest growth. Notwithstanding the adverse impact the bank has already effected changes that will improve its overall performance.
  • AID Bank Annual Report 2012-2013
    The AID Bank as a key growth institution has a major role to play in the countrys economic expansion and development agenda, and as such a strategy to create the enabling environment for investment in the Information Technology (IT) sector is being developed with the support of the Government and the Invest Dominica Authority.
  • AID Bank Annual Report 2011-2012
    The year in review was also the third of the AID Bank five year strategic plan for the period 2009 to 2014 and in the face of continued uncertainty in the global environment the AID Bank continues to make a solid contribution to private sector growth and to roll out new elements of its strategy.
  • AID Bank Annual Report 2010-2011
    During the financial year under review the AID Bank continued to execute its medium term Strategic and Operational Plan (2009-2014) guided by policies and programmes aimed at fostering growth and developmentin the Commonwealth of Dominica through increased lending to the economic and social sectors of the economy.
  • AID Bank Annual Report 2009-2010
    Loan Approvals for the year totalled $41.9 million, the highest ever recorded in the 39-year history of the institution.  This level of approvals was three times that recorded for the preceding financial year ended June 30, 2009; two times the average level approved for the past ten [10] years and greater than the budget for the year by 18.0 per cent.
  • AID Bank Annual Report 2008-2009
    Net profit of $1.22million increased by 48.70% over that attained in 2008. In addition, the return on assets was 0.93%. Non-performing loans were reduced to 18.66% of total outstanding principal.
  • AID Bank Annual Report 2007-2008
    In presenting the Chairman's report to shareholders and other interested parties last year on the Bank's performance for the 2006/07 fiscal period, I referred to some major challenges which helped to determine or shape the financial and economic landscape internationally, regionally, and even at the domestic level.
  • AID Bank Annual Report 2006-2007
    After accounting for impairment losses on loans and advances, and having to sustain a foreign exchange loss of $0.53mn, the bank recorded a net  profit  of $1.003mn, an increase of 18.84% over the previous year.