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The calibre and expertise of the professional and administrative staff of the AID Bank speaks to the excellence with which the bank performs.

Of significance is that the level of staff turnover within the DAIDB is regarded as low compared with regional and international norms, with the average length of service of the permanent staff being in excess of thirteen (13) years. We thank the general staff for their cooperation throughout the Bank’s challenging period of transformation. The management team at the helm of the organisation includes the following executives:

Board of Directors
Mr. Martin Charles (Chairman)

An insurance specialist at CLICO International Life Insurance Limited, Mr. Charles has been a Director from March 8, 2000 and Deputy Director from 9th March, 2010. He was first appointed Chairman of the AID Bank from 19th April, 2012 and re-appointed to this position effective 19th December, 2013. He is currently pursuing an MBA with Leicester University.

Mr. Simpson Gregoire (Deputy Chairman)

Mr. Simpson Gregoire was first appointed to the Directorship of the AID Bank from 9th March, 2010. He holds an MSc in Financial Management and a BSc in Managerial Accounting. Currently, Mr. Gregoire is the Senior Accountant with Campbell’s Business Machines. Prior to this, he was the Professional Manager of Multifamily Operations at Fannie Mae in Washington DC.

Mr. Colbert Pinard (Director)

Mr. Colbert Pinard is currently the Assistant Young Development Officer, with the Youth Division. He was appointed as a Director of the AID Bank effective 9th March, 2009. 

Ms. Helen Pascal (Director)

Ms. Helen Pascal was appointed to serve as a Director of the AID Bank Board since 19th December, 2012.  Ms. Pascal is a former Bank Manager with over 24 years’ experience in corporate, small business and retail banking and 8 years in business management.  She currently serves as the Administrative Manager at P.H. Williams and Co. Ltd. Miss Pascal holds Banking Certificates from the Chartered Institute of Bankers (UK).

Mrs. Evannah Emanuel (Director)

Mrs. Evannah Emanuel was appointed to serve as a Director on the AID Bank Board from 19th April, 2012. She has extensive banking experience which spans over a period of twenty-six years. Mrs. Emanuel has also worked as a Senior Manager in the areas of Operations, Customer Service, and Human Resource Management. She holds a Diploma in Banking from the Institute of Canadian Bankers and an MSc in Organizational Psychology from the University of London. 

Mr. Leon Leblanc (Director)

Mr. Leon LeBlanc is the owner and Manager of Lericon Printers Limited. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and has been a Director of the AID Bank since 9th March, 2000. 

Mr. Julien Bentley Royer (Director)

Mr. Julien Bentley Royer joined the AIDB Board of Directors in January 2015.  Prior to his appointment as a director, Mr. Royer served as a primary and secondary school teacher for a number of years. He is currently an entrepreneur within the agriculture and tourism sectors. 

Ms. Joy Roberts (Director)

Ms. Joy Roberts is a former banker with over 20 years’ experience specializing in commercial lending and operations in Dominica and regionally.  She holds an Executive Diploma in Management with the University of the West Indies and currently manages a family owned business.