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AID Bank Customer Concessions Programme - Post Hurricane Maria

- To offer a grace period on principal and interest to customers affected by Hurricane Maria as follows:


(1) An initial grace period on principal and interest effective September 2017 to the various sectors as outlined below:

  • Tourism - six (6) months
  • Manufacturing - four (4) months
  • Services and Transportation - four (4) months
  • Agriculture - six (6) months
  • Housing - four (4) months
  • Education - four (4) months
  • Staff - four (4) months.


(2) That either of the following options will be presented to the customer for the settlement of the interest during the grace period:

  • that the accrued interest be capitalized at the end of the grace period; or 
  • that the customer pays the interest monthly during the grace period; or
  • that the interest be set aside at a low interest rate of 2%.

(3) The above concessions will be based on need, that is, those who were impacted by the Hurricane.